This nonprofit branding challenge was quite the tall order. A new arts district established to revitalize the local area was struggling to distinguish itself from its surrounding tourist destination—the Virginia Beach Oceanfront area. As a hub for creativity, they were wary of creating a brand aesthetic that would feel overly corporate or establishment. Meanwhile, the lack of a cohesiveness was continuing to work against them.

Vibe District past web design


The first project we tackled together was a series of banners that would demarcate the area. Previously, the tourist destination was in the forefront and the growing arts district was living in the shadows. We chose to flip the script and bring the creatives into focus—out of the shadows of the oceanfront.

Vibe District banner illustrations
Vibe District resource illustration

illustrating the concept

The banner project inspired just the spark we needed to build a full brand aesthetic capturing all the creativity and energy of the ViBe. It also enabled us to design an image series for the upcoming website to demonstrate diversity and culture without promoting individual businesses over others, effectively solving the dilemma of creating nonprofit branding for a group of for-profit businesses.

bringing it all together

Rich images combined with bold messaging encourages tourists and locals alike to venture beyond the boardwalk area to see what else is in store.

Vibe District website homepage

staying social

A Pinterest-like “masonry” grid of social media posts and events boasts a plethora of things to do in this vibrant cultural center.

Vibe District social media wall
Vibe Creative District mobile directory

never an afterthought

An interactive map highlights area businesses in a way that offers more than just identifying the location. Each business has the ability to feature descriptions, website and social links, images, and even video to entice visitors to get out of their routines and venture out into the ViBe.

Taking a mobile-first approach to responsive design allows visitors to find new destinations while on the go.

Vibe District desktop, ipad and phone screen

This is just beyond my wildest expectations! This is so great!

Laura Habr
Co-founder of the ViBe District & Co-owner of Croc’s 19th Street Bistro
Vibe District banner illustrations


Vibe District traffic results icon

Interactive map and responsive website empowers visitors to venture out and explore the surrounding area.

Vibe District social results icon

A robust social media experience showcases activity with minimal effort/maintenance.

Vibe District pride results icon

Cohesive branding throughout the neighborhood fosters community pride.

Vibe District results directory map

love thy neighbor.

get 'em out of the house

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