PRA is a global leader in debt resolution. But no matter how large and established you are, repairing debt requires trust. That trust starts with your online experience. It’s the first thing people see when they look into who’s contacting them. PRA Group’s previous finance website design was very utilitarian. No warmth, little effort by way of usability or accessibility, and no regard for using messaging to make an emotional connection.

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Real people. Real families. The joy and the struggle of everyday life.

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If you want to collect payments, you have to meet people where they are. On the go. A new mobile-first website with special attention to accessibility and performance delivers an optimal experience so that when people are ready to take action, they’re not hindered by communication and usability obstacles.

PRA responsive website

Accessibility means access

A key principle of accessibility is designing websites to be flexible enough to meet different user needs, preferences, and situations. More accessible websites benefit everyone, not only those with permanent disabilities.

With AAA level accessibility required, an extensive checklist ordered logical structure, meaningful content presentation, easy navigation via keyboard, and purposeful instructions for screen readers. Aesthetically, high contrast ratios, consistent use of iconography, and readable typography achieve full compliance.

PRA Group easier access

Putting client fears to rest

Q&A sections organized by topic reassure users and address concerns that most often prevent them from reaching out. By reducing these obstacles and building trust, the path to contact—whether to make a payment or a plan for payment—is less daunting and more encouraging.

easily answer questions

Branded and friendly

A customized icon system keeps things light and pleasant while allowing customers to quickly identify and understand the multitude of contact and payment options available.

PRA custom icons

To err is human

Error pages are another opportunity to continue to be helpful with a friendly voice and suggestion.

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A unified global brand

This U.S. payment portal site was created as a theme that will be used for all of PRA Group’s international sites. Each site offers the ability to activate customer payment options and content specific to that country, and features localized imagery and messaging—allowing content goals and aesthetics to remain on-brand. The same standards will be carried out to an upcoming corporate site redesign as well.

PRA international websites

It’s only been 48 hours since we launched the first site and we’ve already increased customer contact via live chat by 70%!

Nancy Porter
VP Corporate Communications


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trust instilled

A more human approach overall contributes to a sense of trust and willingness to connect.

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increased contact

70% increase in customer contact within 48 hours of site launch.

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unified message

A shared custom theme and brand standards ensure consistency across numerous international sites.

PRA Group new and old site

Creating trust takes more than "trust us."


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Monarch Bank

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