With the launch of their new online banking services imminent, Monarch Bank approached us to…

  1. Bring the “hip, cool, and fun” feel of the brand to their online presence.
  2. Consolidate the numerous sub-brand sites managed by different departments under one roof structurally with a single content management system.
  3. Add new features such as a searchable directory.

Monarch Bank sub-brands and old website


We didn’t have to look too far for our inspiration for Monarch. Their picturesque coastal roots were just the muse we needed for color, style, and tone.

coastal beach scene

style points

We brightened up Monarch’s traditional brand colors by introducing a fresh coastal palette. A mix of modern and traditional fonts were used to keep the design from feeling either too sterile or too trendy.

Monarch Bank style guide
Monarch Bank website redesign

planning makes perfect

Rolling five websites into one cohesive whole takes many design and content considerations, but allowing enough project time to plan, style, and format each area of the website makes for a better user experience.

Monarch Bank website redesign homepage

worth a thousand words

Close-up photographic vignettes on the homepage and key interior landing pages draw the user in and focus on intimate details to create warmth and a personal connection.

Monarch Bank website leaderboard images

iconic concepts

A customized icon set feels reminiscent of warm sunset-inspired lighting, hinting at a friendly beach vibe, and adding interest to content points.

Monarch Bank custom icons

intelligent solutions

Instead of relying on static pages to list locations and branch employees, a custom directory and companion CMS was built with Ruby on Rails.

Using a technology called Solr to analyze queries, the search learns over time—enabling Monarch to fine-tune the app based on how visitors actually interact with the site instead of just making educated guesses.

Monarch Bank directory search

online banking interface aesthetic

To ensure consistency of the brand update across all digital channels, we partnered with Q2 to apply the new design to the online banking platform being customized for Monarch Bank.


The new responsive website re-flows content according to viewport for easy navigation and readability.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to put this work in someone’s hands and have it come back better than I expected. The new streamlined site and directory are huge strides for Monarch Bank and its subsidiaries, both aesthetically and technologically. It’s got huge wow factor now. I’m thrilled!

Nancy Porter
Senior Vice President, Marketing + Sales
Nancy Porter


structure icon

Disparate sub-brand sites combined into one seamless online experience with easy content management.

desktop computer screen with search magnifying glass icon

Google-like directory search improves user experience, promotes services, and encourages inquiries.

audience icon

The fresh face of the brand modernizes the organization and allows them to catch up to larger competitors.

Monarch Bank website and competitors Bank of America Wells Fargo

level the playing field with large competitors.

freshen up

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