Jewelry is a pretty saturated market with numerous industry “rules” and constructs—not to mention price perception. The branding and website for Merzatta needed to capture their story and unique creative perspective, allow their jewelry designs to take center stage, and command a good price-point.

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the heart and soul of the brand

Their narrative was almost too good to be true from a brand story-telling perspective. Chris and Danielle Merzatta create beautiful “ethical organic designer artisan jewelry” inspired by the nature that surrounds their charming treehouse-like studio.

Chris and Danielle Merzatta
Merzatta logo design

a picture worth a thousand words

The logo created for Merzatta—a sweet pair of squirrels facing each other—speaks not only to the connection to nature but also to the couple themselves and the warmth and love they put into every piece. The negative space between them forms the shape of an acorn, a nod to the little discoveries that only come to light when they come together.

Merzatta jewelry bracelet and packaging

Hiding items within letterforms is nothing new, but with Merzatta, the two squirrels coming together to form the acorn while perched on their own “T” trees was exquisite. Knowing the owners pull their inspiration from nature and believe little-hidden treasures can only appear when two become one, sealed the deal for me.

Dave Gouveia, Judge
HOW Magazine’s Sixth Annual Logo Design Competition
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Merzatta jewelry website design

setting the stage

When creating their website, we resisted expected leafy nature textures in favor of something more minimalist to let the work speak for itself. With oversized product photography paired with the flora that inspired them, the site is both bold and feminine—much like the woman that would wear their jewelry.

Merzatta website design homepage

handmade and hands-on

An e-commerce platform with CMS (Content Management System) allows the Merzattas to take a hands-on approach to their online sales. They can monitor inventory closely to keep up with demand and offer custom work as well.

Merzatta jewelry website design ecommerce

Before the site, when we told people we didn’t have an Etsy shop, they interpreted it as us being very new or not having it together—frankly as being below Etsy. Now when they see the site, they think we don’t have an Etsy shop because we’re beyond Etsy and there’s no question why we would use another platform.

Danielle Merzatta
artisan jewelry design


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Increased e-commerce conversion rates, while decreasing the hassle of inventory management by using a robust CMS.

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New brand positions Merzatta to command higher price points and recognition than on

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More interest from trade event organizers allows Merzatta to put their products in front of even larger audiences.

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