Macrocephaly-capillary malformation (M-CM) is a multiple malformation syndrome—a condition so rare, that even doctors don’t have very much information to provide parents of afflicted children.

The M-CM Network was founded in an effort to collect more information. The existing branding was fine for communicating to more clinical audiences, but for reaching out to families, it just didn’t say, “talk to us, we understand what you’re going through,” and it needed to do both.

M-CM Network original branding


The solution for the identity was a minimalist type with geometric icon—a tangram talk bubble to suggest communication and community. The mark would be no-nonsense for clinical work and provide the starting point for a warmer iteration for work with families.

M-CM Network logo

twice the style

For the research-based work, the brand colors would remain and be paired with the logo’s base font, Gotham. A bright, joyful palette and friendly serif would be introduced for communication to families.

Patterns would prove useful for adding style to the clinical work without getting too playful.

A series of support icons in the tangram style was used to communicate to both audiences.

M-CM Network style guide
M-CM Network tangram icons

we are family

While M-CM Network didn’t want to see their cause as commercialized as the pink ribbon, there was a need to foster community. Branded merchandise with messages that speak to their extended M-CM family helped to build relationships with their community and for members to identify each other at fundraisers and awareness events.

M-CM Network awareness bracelet band
M-CM Network t-shirts

Ah! It’s so lovely! I feel very lucky to have Works Progress on my team.

Christy Collins
Christy Collins testimonial MCM brochure and business cards


community icon

Design is creating enthusiasm and fostering community.

heart in chat bubble icon

Families regularly inquire for additional merchandise to show their support.

increase audience icon

Family presence at events and community size continues to increase.

blue sky and grass

further the cause by growing your community.

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