Lockstep Technology Group, an Atlanta-based IT company, deals in rather complex, enterprise-level solutions. Their name, inspired by the mechanical uniform movement of large-scale military units, was an apt choice. Humans creating flawless systems across large institutions. Their logo design offers a subtle suggestion to this movement and organization.



Lockstep group Pantone swatch colors

overcomplicated, underwhelming

Highly technical brands often find themselves talking-the-talk in order to demonstrate expertise. Case in point, Lockstep’s old site hit the ground running touting “endpoint protection, application-aware firewalls, and resource auditing” as soon as you landed on the site. But jargon overload combined with low-level imagery can make for a very unengaging experience.

Lockstep Technology Group old website homepage

Even if you’re in a highly specialized technical field, your communication should focus on human emotions to connect. It should put people at ease, not on edge. Even a simple shift from “Manage IT security threats” to “IT that empowers and secures” is a big change emotionally. It’s positive, reassuring, and relationship-building.

Lockstep Technology Group desktop homepage

now engaging with empathy

The new site is a comprehensive sales tool designed to engage, support, and convert by looking at things from the customer’s perspective and answering their fundamental question, “Will this work for me?” The visitor can see at a glance whether this is the right solution for them, find case studies to support it, and reassurance that Lockstep is the right team to implement it.

Lockstep Technology Group website redesign

intelligent solutions

Dynamic content intersperses case studies and blog articles based on specific solutions or services throughout the site. This allows Lockstep to demonstrate success in an area at any given time on the user journey. The result is a site that shows expertise and care at every turn.

Lockstep Technology Group desktop case studies
Lockstep website humanizing technology cta


Lockstep Technology Group results

The new website excels with an empathetic approach instead of fear tactics and industry jargon.

Lockstep Technology Group results

Dynamic content makes for a more useful sales experience for the prospective client.

Lockstep Technology Group results
ready to perform

Content strategy is streamlined and focused on the user conversion journey.

Humanizing tech brands

humanizing tech brands is a journey in empathy.

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