With a nearly 30 year history of community service under their belts, ACCESS AIDS Care and the LGBT Center of Hampton Roads decided it was finally time to merge together under one unified name and begin branding the new non-profit organization.

The challenge lied in how to create a new name and identity that didn’t abandon the history of each organization and could move forward into the future.

Access Aids Lgbt center old website
lgbtq flag

getting to know the audience

Because the communities that the two organizations serviced weren’t a 100% overlap and because there is a lot of emotion surrounding both subjects, we felt we needed to get more insight from the people they serve to know just where to start.

market research

We created two surveys, one sent to their existing database and one delivered through Facebook to lookalike audiences to get a comprehensive view of what mattered to the people currently in their audience and those they had not yet reached.

a focused direction

The feedback from the surveys led us in the direction of a name that would be more focused on helping the LGBTQ community thrive. While AIDS was still a major effort for the org, their work was more on prevention these days than care which helped put the focus back on living a long healthy life.

Lgbt Life Center logo

onward and outward

With a strong, inspiring name, we embarked on a rollout for the new LGBT Life Center. Not only did communication benefit from the clarity of a unified name, the design was infused with new energy.

The mark selected combined the traditional rainbow with the concept of water rippling outward symbolizing both their fluidity and movement connecting with—and helping—more and more people.

Lgbt Life Center print collateral and envelope design
Lgbt Life Center gazebo banners
Lgbt Life Center website re design

a hub for health

From testing and health to housing, transportation, and events, the new is a hub for the LGBT community and a robust source of information and resources to live a happy, healthy life.

Lgbt Life Center homepage micro interaction


Hampton Roads, Virginia, while not typically thought of as a large metropolitan area, has approximately 1.7 million residents. That’s more than San Francisco. More than Atlanta. And that’s LGBT Life Center’s potential reach. Now they have a brand and voice fitting of any major region and the tools to communicate with.

unified brand and mission for LGBT Life Center
Unified mission + brand

A unified brand complements the unified mission and strengthens efforts.

Increased website visits for LGBT Life Center
Increased visits

Visits to the organization’s website increased over 2000% and have remained steadily higher.

LGBT Life Center website encourages action
Encouraging action

Stronger communication tools encourage engagement from the community.

Lgbt Life Center website comparison Los Angeles Lgbt center and The Center

good communication is half the battle.


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