All too common

In 2017, VC funding giant Lerer Hippeau (Giphy, Birchbox, Warby Parker, Casper, etc.) added tech startup, LeafLink, to their roster. Like most successful start-ups, LeafLink got off the ground with a solid product but little focus on branding. That’s not a criticism; it’s a smart start. With LH’s investment, they were ready for the next step—and an exciting first for us—fintech cannabis branding.

Their identity—while not a bad design—wasn’t exactly uncommon in its configuration. The website was also doing little to demonstrate brand positioning and needed several improvements from a sales perspective.


Inspired and unexpected

The leaves are still slightly present in the redesign, but now we’ve also got a monogram—to support name recognition—and a collaboration element speaking to LeafLink’s real strength: community.

LeafLink logo redesign

Unifying messaging both inside and out

Internally, the LeafLink team was using a rocket image to speak to the power of their tech. With the external focus on community, it seemed fitting to update their internal icon to keep both messages aligned and focused on the same goal.

Geared for conversion

The new LeafLink website primarily focuses on the user journey. Starting from the top, the navigation bar is intentionally sparse to encourage visitors to continue down the page. The full menu appears after scrolling, once their attention has been captured. And, since we’re speaking to two audiences—brands and retailers—it’s crucial to avoid distracting visitors from calls to action.

LeafLink website redesign

Focused features

We improved the way features are showcased with better presentation of content for readability and connection. Messaging pivoted toward themes of community and improving the customer’s business, not just the tech itself.

LeafLink brand features

Design device

Another device used to streamline communication to our multiple audiences is color. By designating calls to action geared towards brands in blue and retailers in green, it’s easier for the visitor to take the appropriate action and reduce potential onboarding issues.

And, of course, the LeafLink site was built mobile-first for an optimal experience on mobile devices.

color differentiation

Familiarity and fomo

LeafLink boasts the greatest number of brands among their competitors. By showcasing brands by state, instead of a generalized group of logos, we give retailers an opportunity to see top brands they recognize from their area.

The showcase also encourages brands to join and be seen alongside their competitors.

state showcase

Illustrated and integrated

Illustration was a preferred direction because it helped further differentiate LeafLink from competitors and infuse the brand with elements of joy and ease. More importantly, it enabled us to create scenes that integrated brands and retailers in the same physical space–suggesting LeafLink’s role in joining, supporting, and strengthening the cannabis business community.

LeafLink illustration

You look at this and really identify with it as a brand or retailer, which is amazing! We’ve had positive feedback from clients, investors, and employees alike. It was really well-organized and coordinated for a smooth rollout. The assets and messaging gave us a great foundation for ongoing communication.

Claire Maloney
Marketing Manager
Client testimonial from LeafLink


LeafLink competitors Baker and FlowHub are gunning to be the Salesforce of the cannabis industry. But with LeafLink’s product, community, new brand and digital strategy, they are positioned to lead the category and set the new standard.

Shortly after the rebrand, they were featured on CNBC and listed as one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2018.


New identity and online experience sets LeafLink apart from competitors immediately at first glance.


Content strategy is streamlined and focused exclusively on the user conversion journey.

brand positioning

LeafLink is now positioned for a more meaningful relationship with its audience with a focus on community over tech.

LeafLink with competitors FlowHub and Baker

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