1. Outdated branding + website belie the quality of the product.
  2. Lack of content strategy makes the website a poor and cumbersome communication tool.
  3. Lack of brand persona and forward-thinking perception not attracting top tech talent.

old Issuetrak website before and competitors

A new brand to match forward thinking sensibility

Story-wise, the fluid wave-like icon…

  • Suggests flexibility
  • Indicates a data-driven focus
  • Is a nod to U.S.-based coastal roots
  • Hints at a calming effect

Strategically, the updated design…

  • Demonstrates relevancy
  • Improves product perception
  • Aims to reclaim their place in the industry

Issuetrak logo
Issuetrak waiting area lobby office environment

The vibrancy of the new brand identity mirrors the breakthroughs we continue to make in technology, people, and strategies…

Dan Luhring
Issuetrak business cards design Dan Luring

Website redesign

1. streamline content     2. differentiate     3. encourage contact    4. simplify maintenance

Issuetrak website homepage

More opportunities for engagement

Calls-to-action (CTAs) on every major landing page guide the visitor through the sales funnel and encourage contact.

Issuetrak website calls to action
Issuetrak custom illustration snow scene

Custom-made, not customary

A unique set of illustrations and icons tailored to Issuetrak’s new branding and communication needs visually differentiates them from competitors.

Issuetrak icons

Get smart and streamlined

A complete content overhaul resulted in…

  • Concise chunks of copy for better understanding of product capabilities
  • Streamlined information to maintain focus on sales
  • Updated messaging that is easily digested and engaging
  • Integrated use of social proof—case studies and testimonials—filtered by application and industry to directly target each audience

Issuetrak website social proof case studies testimonials

Low-maintenance web maintenance

  • Modular approach provides greater control over content
  • Feature blocks, testimonials, and case studies can shift quickly to suit strategy
  • Content library allows repeat content to be updated in one shot
  • No-to-minimal coding knowledge required

Issuetrak easy website maintenance

I think [Works Progress does] a great job of marrying intelligence and genuine creativity.
While some of your portfolio reflects a playfulness, your work is nothing short of serious. You bring what I would call an “intellectual edge” to what you do—your ideas are research-based as much as they are a product of your own creative juices that flow from somewhere. This intellectual edge has a grounding effect that makes WPD feel like a solid and dependable partner.

Sarah Spangler
Chief Operations Officer
Testimonial from Issuetrak's COO, Sarah Spangler


pencil icon

Custom experience sets Issuetrak apart from stock-styled and newer, trendy competitors.

funnel icon

The improved content strategy focuses on sales funnel and connects with a wider, more tech-savvy audience.

structure icon

Modular structure saves time and keeps pace with ever-changing product offering.

Issuetrak competitor websites Zendesk Freshdesk

Stop keeping up + start taking the lead.

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