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InfoComm International has been putting on one of the most exciting A/V tech conferences in the world for years, but the branding hasn’t quite been on par. In order to set the tone right, they needed to step up their game with event design.

Infocomm past years print materials


With the potential for information overload, we chose to simplify and then amplify. We drew inspiration from the iconic “play” button and the universal primary colors found in A/V cables. We let the simplicity of the icon and the boldness of the patterns and colors build the story: once you press play, you never know what lies ahead.

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infocomm 16 conference show logo

Works Progress created a concept that truly captured the vibrancy of our industry and event. The multitude of design elements really translated well from print to on-site and enabled us to create a cohesive look throughout the whole show. It was really apparent what the branding was about.

Barbara Blaskowsky
Director of Events Marketing, InfoComm International
Infocomm16 lanyard passes

Making it easy

A modular set of branded components allowed InfoComm’s internal team and their on-site display manufacturers to create a cohesive branded experience no matter who was contributing to the communication.

Infocomm 16 logo mark
font dual open sans
Infocomm 16 shapes and angles
Infocomm 16 shape combinations
Infocomm 16 on-site displays
Infocomm 16 pass mailers

Making it work

The geometric aesthetic lent itself well to various printed materials whether they were more image-driven or content-driven, maintaining consistency throughout the experience with enough variety to keep it from feeling repetitive.

Infocomm 16 lookbook cover
Infocomm 16 lookbook inside layout
Infocomm 16 web advertisement

Making it fun

Even the course catalog was given the royal treatment to maintain excitement around the workshops, not just the expo and socials.

infocomm 16 education book

social media response

The branding became the perfect backdrop for social media images posted by the conference team and attendees alike. People demonstrated their excitement and enthusiasm time and time again.

infocomm 16 social media response

From the concept development with Works Progress Design to on-site implementation with Freeman and our terrific in-house marketing team, it’s rewarding to be recognized for everyone’s hard work.”

Jason McGraw
CTS®, CAE, Senior Vice President of Expositions, InfoComm International


anticipation icon

35% of participants were new, first-time attendees.

training icon

Twice as many attendees signed up for Education sessions as the previous year.

vegas icon

Approximate 5% increase in attendance from last Las Vegas show.

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Inspire "fear of missing out."

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