A unique offering with a confusing position

Indeni is offering a whole new approach to firewall security infrastructure. It combines vetted knowledge from a global community of security experts with enterprise data and offers it as auto-remediation for security threats. And that’s the really abridged version. But that’s a whole lotta info for anyone to process. Combine that with the fact that they needed to be able to speak to two unique audiences—the C-Suite decision-makers, and the engineer/users—and you get a monster positioning challenge.

Their previous site was not offering any clarity or demonstrating the massive impact their product could have on their audience and global business as a whole.


We started by honing in on what truly matters to the distinct audiences Indeni was trying to connect with. We aimed for things that make a greater impact rather than a general interest in keeping devices “healthy” which felt more status-quo than major business impact.

The result provides clarity on how to speak to each audience both in sales calls, and on the website.

Indeni website redesign

Connecting where it counts

By using more human-driven messages throughout the site, we create opportunities to demonstrate that Indeni gets the struggles their customer is going through rather than just telling them about features. It’s a strategy that goes beyond stating benefits to demonstrating value.

And we infuse this wherever we can—from the main CTA’s on the website to smaller ad-like CTA’s on the blog. Taking opportunities to connect makes all the difference in engaging your audience and helping them understand why your offering matters.

Community Site


In addition to having a site that more clearly demonstrates Indeni’s value and potential impact, they also now have a comprehensive set of branded messages designed to speak to various audiences and counter objections before they’re given.

brand strategy results-clarity


New site and messaging explain Indeni’s offering with greater clarity and emotion.

brand strategy results-values


New positioning helps Indeni go beyond features and benefits to demonstrating real value.

brand strategy results-enterprise


New design elevates Indeni to an enterprise-level service capable of handling extensive infrastructure.

Great ideas deserve to be understood.

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  • Brand Positioning
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  • Website Design
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