We’ve enjoyed a long history with Ann Huff and Meg Harrington of Huff Harrington Fine Art and Home. The first major website redesign we embarked on together, launched in 2012, streamlined their activities—art gallery, home goods, and group trips to France.

Huff Harrington website progression


2013 took the leap from static website to e-commerce shop. The shift positioned them to grow their business exponentially—promoting products and providing additional exposure through their social networking channels.

2014 upgrades included greater focus on product, elevated photography, and improvements to e-commerce, including their group trips to France.

Huff Harrington website progression 2013

continued growth

The most recent iteration continues to refine the shopping experience and make dramatic improvements in presenting the Huff Harrington fine art gallery and home store as a holistic lifestyle brand.

Huff Harrington ecommerce website

aesthetic evolution

The brand aesthetic has always maintained a minimalist approach, but over time we’ve added artful touches to capture the brand personality.

Handwriting fonts, painterly brushstrokes, hand-drawn custom icons, and small messaging accents tie in their Francophile lifestyle and maintain a strong personal connection.

Huff Harrington ecommerce promotions

blog redesign

When it came time for the next big undertaking—redesigning the blog—we wanted to leverage their current content marketing initiatives in a way that would continue promoting the Huff Harrington lifestyle overall, but drive sales back to the e-commerce shop.

Huff Harrington blog

buying into the lifestyle

The shopping experience is promoted in key areas throughout the blog. From the main navigation to suggesting products relevant to each article’s content, to the integrated footer, the Huff Harrington blog is anything but a simple journal.

Huff Harrington blog ecommerce integration

made for mobile

Consumers now spend more time shopping on mobile devices than desktops. Statistically, the more appealing the mobile shopping experience, the more likely they’ll convert. We make it easy to make a purchase at every stage—browsing to checkout.

Huff Harrington online website shop design


data chart icon

Online sales have doubled each year since launching the e-commerce shop.

Huff Harrington supportive content results icon

The redesigned blog supports sales efforts through content marketing and related product recommendations.

Huff Harrington expansion results icon

e-Commerce provides the ability to compete with national brands in the online shopping arena.

Doug Foltz painting

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