A duo with big ideas for decentralization

When Patrick Nielsen former development lead for J.P. Morgan’s open source blockchain projects and Amber Baldet, J.P. Morgan’s Blockchain Centre of Excellence lead—not to mention, 2017’s Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business and CoinDesk’s 10 Most Influential in Blockchain—reached out to Works Progress, it was with a pretty big vision.

They were starting a framework called Clovyr that was designed to be more than just a framework. It would be an entire ecosystem of blockchain applications and services to empower everyone from enterprise to an individual to bring products to market. Not only would it bridge the gap between public and private blockchain, it would also provide the much needed middle layer between the developers and the platforms that would enable more people to create more dApps quickly and effectively.

Natural and humanized

The approach taken for this blockchain branding effort was to create a recognizable connection to blockchain but to add a more human, organic element. To suggest that this was a platform for everyone, not just aficionados and that the desired path was organic growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

branding for clovyr.io

Simplify the blockchain complex

A big part of the challenge with Clovyr lied in simplifying the messaging so that anyone with a surface understanding of blockchain could understand everything Clovyr offered and feel empowered by it. By breaking it down into its most basic services and intersecting it with its overarching vision, you get a clear and inspiring picture of how Clovyr can benefit you.

Designed to be understood

Clovyr was bringing a wholly new option to the blockchain world—the ability to create, deploy, manage, and extend applications for either the public Ethereum network or a private consortium ledger. It needed a visual metaphor to help people understand this unique offering.

Clovyr website design

A shortcut to understanding

By using gardening metaphor, we give the audience a quick and easy way to understand what has never been done—public and private blockchains integrated and usable by all.

Clovyr website design for mobile

The reception on the branding thus far has been fantastic. Huge differentiator for us.”

Amber Baldet
Co-founder, CEO
Amber Baldet of Clovyr


While most startups kick things off with a barebones MVP, Clovyr needed to put a bit more focus on branding for launch to help with a greater understanding of their unusual offering. When a product is either completely unique or relatively complex—or both as in Clovyr’s case—a focus on brand strategy and a solid foundation for messaging can go a long way in the success of the endeavor.


Identity immediately sets the tone that Clovyr is not just another blockchain framework


By filtering out unnecessary information and focusing on the essential elements, Clovyr’s message is clear and concise


By usilizing the visual metaphor of the garden, Clovyr’s complex offering is easily understood

Clovyr branded illustration

Being understood is everything

Focus your message


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