The Brookdale Park Conservancy, designed in 1928-1930 by the Olmsted Brothers Firm (of Central Park, NYC fame), is over 120 acres of park space in the historic Essex County, NJ. It was also originally a project of the Works Progress Administration—the very same initiative that inspired our name.

Their original logo, while a lovely mark, just wasn’t capturing the park’s historical significance or the modern aesthetic of their main audience—30-something New Yorkers who have migrated to the area to start families. Looking to the artwork of the WPA era for historical inspiration, we created a reinterpretation befitting this modern-minded community.

WPA film library logo
eastern goldfinch

Brookdale Park logo

Brookdale Park logo variations

That logo is so original, darling, charming, surprising, delightful…”

Sarah Siegel
Brookdale Park Conservancy Board Member
dogwood flower
Brookdale Park outdoor banner

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