an unlikely target

Opioid-related deaths have been steadily on the rise. But many users aren’t what we typically envision when we think “drug addict.” They’re parents, businessmen and women…they’re often people who lead seemingly “normal” lives on the outside, but inside are not only addicts but are engaging in other risky behavior as a result of the addition.

ACCESS AIDS CARE (now the LGBT Life Center) saw an opportunity to reach these people, not by telling them to “just say no,” but by tapping into potential concern that the drug use may have led to an STD. The goal: get them in the door for testing, then broach the subject of tapering drug use.

std testing challenge

show less, say more

Photo-driven executions with contemplative protagonists felt a little commonplace for this effort. Our fear was that if we didn’t do something more dramatic, the message would get lost in the barrage of imagery people see every day.

Inspired by the minimalism and negative space designs of illustrators like Malika Favre, Guy Laufer, and Noma Bar, we decided to go with an illustrative direction that would aim for minimal message, maximum impact.

campaign inspiration

double-take, double impact

A series of images were created that would force the viewer to take a second look without forcing them to think too hard. The message: that drug use is becoming a burden. That it’s wearing them down and taking over their life.

Should the viewer be of similar mindset, the image would be a natural connection no matter how you found yourself in that place. No matter who you are and what walk of life you come from.

main campaign illustration

Thank you for your amazing work on this. We continuously receive compliments on this campaign, and the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health both love it!

Corey Mohr
PR & Marketing Manager, LGBT Life Center (formerly ACCESS AIDS CARE/LGBT Center of Hampton Roads)
LGBT Life Center testimonial


increased testing
increased testing

Testing numbers more than doubled during the campaign and additional testing days were required to accommodate.

increased engagement
increased engagement

Visits to the organization’s website increased over 2000% during the course of the campaign.


The campaign caught the attention of locals and was a featured story on local news generating more attention to the cause.

campaign results

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