Clarity and empathy.

These two things form the foundation of successful tech branding. Clear communication of your offering combined with an understanding of your customer’s struggles and a means of alleviating them. It’s a tall order when your focus needs to go making the best product possible. We can help.

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The human-centric brand.

We help our clients build a strong brand foundation with a 360° application that creates better clarity for customers as well as for you and your internal team. We’ll help with seamless integration of your product and give your team the tools needed to maintain consistency going forward.

brand strategy + positioning

  • naming
  • brand strategy
  • brand story
  • brand positioning
  • brand voice + messaging
  • brand guidelines
  • copywriting/content

brand experience (offline)

  • logo design/identity design
  • office or retail environmental design
  • interiors consulting
  • signage design
  • packaging design
  • merchandise
  • print collateral

brand experience (online)

  • website design + development
  • digital marketing strategy
  • social media strategy
  • traditional advertising + marketing
  • social media advertising + marketing
  • email templates + campaigns
  • landing page design

A digital conversation starter.

Your sales site isn’t a brochure. It’s a virtual conversation between you and your audience. It starts with informed assumptions about what’s on their mind. It answers questions as they have them. And, it gives them opportunities to connect when they’re ready to start a dialogue.

Humanize your brand

You look at this and really identify with it as a brand or retailer, which is amazing! We’ve had positive feedback from clients, investors, and employees alike. It was really well-organized and coordinated for a smooth rollout. The assets and messaging gave us a great foundation for ongoing communication.

Claire Maloney
Marketing Manager, LeafLink
Client testimonial from LeafLink

Take your MVP to game changer.

The more meaningful your brand is to your customers, the easier it is for your marketing to do its job—to inform and inspire people to take action.

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  • Brand Positioning
  • Rebranding
  • Brand Voice
  • Website Redesign
  • Illustration


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  • Brand positioning
  • Rebranding
  • Website redesign
  • Environmental design
  • Print


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Lockstep Technology Group

  • Rebranding
  • Brand Voice
  • Website Redesign


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I think [Works Progress does] a great job of marrying intelligence and genuine creativity.
While some of your portfolio reflects a playfulness, your work is nothing short of serious. You bring what I would call an “intellectual edge” to what you do—your ideas are research-based as much as they are a product of your own creative juices that flow from somewhere. This intellectual edge has a grounding effect that makes WPD feel like a solid and dependable partner.

Sarah Spangler
Chief Operating Officer, Issuetrak
Testimonial from Issuetrak's COO, Sarah Spangler

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