Matter more. Market less.

It’s an unusual thing to hear from a marketing team, but it’s the crux of our philosophy and what we mean when we say, “branding on purpose.” It’s finding the alignment between why you exist and what matters to your audience. The more your brand matters, the more weight it pulls. You spend less time and money explaining what you’re about and cut straight to the actual point of marketing—inspiring people to take action.

Let’s get to work

What will we do together?

A new logo is not a new brand. The greatest return on investment our clients see comes from a thorough application of strategy, identity, and experience.


An intelligent, heartfelt, comprehensive approach is the key to igniting a brand.

brand marketing agency infographic

brand strategy

  • brand audit
  • brand positioning
  • messaging / tone
  • brand story
  • naming

brand identity

  • logo / logotype design
  • corporate identity system
  • supporting graphic systems
  • style guides
  • character design

brand experience

  • in-store experience
  • packaging and print design
  • UI design
  • website design + development
  • social media support

In good company.

Our clients improve our quality of life. Whether that’s by a desire to change the world for the better, bring a little extra joy, or simply make life easier, they all have three essential traits—passion for what they do, the need to make a stronger connection, and willingness to embrace the bold.

This is progress

Will work for progress.

We started Works Progress Design back in 2008. Our goal from the get-go was a comprehensive approach to brand experience. To never be the traditional branding firm that doesn’t “get” digital, nor the digital agency that thinks of branding as an afterthought. We approach both with equal deftness.

Make it matter.

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