Insights, updates + musings from the WPD team.

We’ve Got Your Holiday Covered

2015 was an exciting year for WPD. We added some top-notch folks to our team. Got to work on some amazing projects. All in all, I’d call it a big success. And it looks like 2016 has more in store … Read More

Top 5 Facebook Cover Ideas for Restaurants

Restaurants have a unique advantage over other industries: you sell food. And, guess what? The Internet loves food! Especially bacon. It’s right up there with cats. People post photos of menus, what they want to eat, what they’re about to eat, and empty plates from the food they’ve already eaten on almost every social network. That means your messaging should constantly appeal to audience appetites. Find out how your Facebook branding can look as good as your dishes.Read More

Why Branding is a Must for Authors and Writers

Branding can be a hot topic no matter what industry you’re in, and, while it’s certainly not the only factor, it often has the power to give an individual or company that much-needed boost from mediocre to magical. With this in mind, we decided some good-old-fashioned Q&A might be just the peek behind the curtain you’ve been looking for.Read More

Help with eCommerce: Marketing Mojo

With the recent dawn of a new year, let’s take a break from the dry behind-the-scenes topics of eCommerce (shipping, payments, and such), and I’ll show you some sweet little features to make your shop’s marketing and promotional efforts really shine. Oh yea, and the best part is none of these will cost you a dime.Read More

What’s the story with branding?

Branding: what the heck is it? Is it a logo? A story? An experience? A feeling? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And then some. If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering how we could possibly make it all happen. A logo is certainly a designable element, but how can you craft an experience or a feeling? Find out where you really need to start before diving into design.Read More

Help with eCommerce: Accepting Payment

You have many options available when it comes to accepting payments, and you can offer one or several when your customer has filled their online shopping cart with goodies and it’s time for them to checkout. Learn more about the potential ways they can pay; shed some light on common ecommerce payment terms, security and compliance; and…Read More

Defining Value: Inside the Estimate

Q: How do you decide how much my project is going to cost? I’ve been asked this question by prospects and industry peers many times over, and it’s a really good one actually. Countless articles have been written on the subjects of estimating, time, value, and the many additional factors to be considered when putting a proposal together. Every agency has a different formula for arriving at a fair number, which is why…Read More

Help with eCommerce: Shipping Solutions

eCommerce shops have a lot of working parts, and it often seems like you need all the help you can get with getting it off the ground. Shipping can be one of the most complex parts of setup, which is why it can also be the most frustrating and time-consuming. Find out which shipping options are right for your eCommerce shop: by weight, quantity or price; flat rate; carrier-calculated by UPS FedEx USPS; and…Read More

Why We Wrote a Book on Re-branding for Restaurants and Franchises

I can’t tell you how many times a potential client has contacted us for a “more attractive, better functioning website,” when what they’re really trying to do is strengthen their brand. That’s not to say that they don’t also need a more attractive, better functioning website; it’s that the conversation needs to start with how well their brand is—or isn’t—performing for them. For some reason, this seems to be really prevalent in the restaurant industry. Theories abound as to why…Read More